The prayer week is going amazingly well. The pastoral team is very happy with the fact that over 100 people are taking part in the prayer week. Pastor Paul Hallam, Senior Pastor and Pastor Dele Oderinde, Prayer ministry leader have expressed that they have seen a crescendo in attendance at PowerHouse (our monthly prayer meeting).

People with selfless faith are paying at 3,4 and 5 am for their brothers and sisters in Iraq, Gaza, Nigeria and all over the world. Sister Joyce Mbwana said she felt conviction during her prayer time at 4 am, to do a fast 1 day a week and donating the money of the meal that she skipped to Iraq and other struggling zone’s. We have testimonies of prophetic dreams.

So far this week has proved to be a time that God is poring of His goodness and instead of keeping it to themselves, people are willing to give it out to brothers and sisters that they don’t even know.

I personally believe the prayer night we have planned for Sunday Night at 6 pm we will see the power of agreement. We are consecrating our selves to live in obedience to Christ. We have decided to Follow Jesus is not just a song it’s what the Lighthouse congregation has decided to do cooperatively.

I want to thank and acknowledge the team behind the love Pray Manchester initiative it’s been a breath of fresh air. Thanks for taking on this mammoth task.

 Download the Prayer Guide the Lighthouse have produced-

 Prayer Booklet pdf-3


Miriam Janigova 



The Upper Room are a group of pastors who pray faithfully every Monday night for Greater Manchester.  Many of these pastors have been called from other countries to the UK to pray for our Nation to prepare the way of the Lord.  They are holding the baton for 2 weeks during this year and are praying 24/7 across their various churches (taking 24 hours each) over the fortnight.  Any pastors that would be interested in joining them email on here and we will put you in contact with Pastor Dapo (pictured above holding the baton). 

Sunday 10th – Elim FourSquare Church
Monday 11th – Arise and Shine Christian Ministry
Tuesday 12th – Grace Assembly of Prayers
Wednesday 13th – RCCG House of Prayer
Thursday 14th – Vision Family
Friday 15th – The Mountain of The Lords House
Saturday 16th – The Stream
Sunday 17th – New Creation Bible Church
Monday 18th – Christ The Vine
Tuesday 19th – New Covenant Church
Wednesday 20th – Christ Ambassadors
Thursday 21st – World Harvest Christian Centre
Friday 22nd – Command Prayer Centre
Saturday 23rd – Christ Worshipers Assembly

Download your August Prayer Guide: August Prayer Guide



July, the month dedicated to praying for the poor.

Day 1 saw us having a Prayer Breakfast, a Prayer Walk, a Prayer Celebration Service, individual prayer and an allocated hour where we all prayed at the same time, but from the comfort of our own homes. We used this day as a time to listen to God and to catch His heart for what to pray for throughout the rest of the week. What He said to us also became the basis for our entry into The Baton.

Mark 12:31; Luke 16:14-31; James 2: 1→; and Isaiah 58: 6→ all tell us something of how we are to treat the poor and were all passages of scripture God highlighted to us in prayer. So, for Days 2 →7, they became our foci.

As well as those who are literally poor, we also focused upon those who are spiritually poor. We serve the community in Crumpsall by providing opportunities which many of the local inhabitants would not be able to access elsewhere. We run a non-profit-making Cafe, a free Cookery Project and a free Gardening Project, all at the Visitors’ Centre in Crumpsall Park, which is situated at the heart of our community. Thus, God is also at the heart of our community.

Our work captures all aspects of our community, covering cross-generational, inter- faith, cross-cultural, cross-socioeconomic and multi-ethnic aspects of life in Crumpsall. We drink coffee together, we cook and eat together and we garden and grow produce together.

Day 7 saw us having an outreach event, petitioning for the work of IJM, the human rights organisation that, amongst other things, secures justice for victims of human trafficking. This is not just happening across the other side of the world, it is happening here, in Manchester, and as a direct result of poverty. God clearly showed us that we have to support this work, alongside our existing work for both Boaz Trust and Mustard Tree.

The week began with food and ended with food, as we shared in a Celebration Tea where we worshipped, prayed and ate together, thanking Him for showing us what He wants us to do in Crumpsall as we Pray Love Manchester.

Jane Dean


10527495_768689003190733_8739470754771373764_nPictured is Keith Collett from Mountchapel passing the baton to Cyprian Yobera area leader of the Anglican churches in Eccles.

The baton remained at St James Church during the week and on the Sunday went to Eccles Parish Church.  The churches are presently studying the Kingdom of God, Matthew 13 and felt it appropriate to have the baton during this time.  There were encouraging prayers from different people during the week; especially from a local politician who is beginning to see the need for prayer in seeing Eccles transformed and another person who has only recently started attending church who wanted to pray to Jesus.   

Cyprian was encouraged to be part of a wider year of prayer.  He is keen to keep on insipring his church to pray more and more.  




imageMount Chapel Christian Fellowship is thrilled to partner with Pray. Love. Manchester. and the Larger Body of Christ in this region to be a part of The Year of Prayer 2014 and it is our privilege to host the 26th Week Of Prayer!

Isn’t it amazing that right now at this very moment Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Father praying?! In the place of prayer, we get to be with Him where He is and express our love and worship to Him, and at the same time, receive His love personally and His heart for others. Whether personal or corporate, our prayer and worship is powerful and effective and moves His heart. But that’s not all! He then answers and moves in our lives and the lives of those we pray for!

All of our prayer meetings are listed on the schedule below and are open to any and everyone that would like to come. Our week will culminate with a 4-hour time of strategic prayer and worship on Friday Night from 6pm-10pm.

 We invite you to come and join us as we agree with the heart of Jesus in the place of prayer!




Morning Prayer & Worship

Focus: The Church Of Salford

Deborah Arise

Focus: Praying for Prodigals

Manchester House of Prayer

Focus: Devotional/Soak

Manchester House of Prayer

Focus: Justice (Human Trafficking)










Morning Prayer & Worship

Focus: The People & City of Salford





Morning Prayer & Worship

Focus: Children, Youth, and Families





Morning Prayer & Worship

Focus: Students @ The University of Salford





Morning Prayer & Worship

Focus: Devotional/Soak

IHOP-KC Prayer Room Live Stream

Focus: Devotional/Soak

Remember The Poor Night of Prayer @ Nazarene Theological College: Dene Rd., Didsbury, M20 2GU








Morning Service & Prayer

Focus: That His Will Love Abound In Our Hearts






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