Pray Love Salford saw 6 church youth groups engaging in prayer for the week. With each church owning a day each and seeing their own young people hear some amazing words from God as they offered some heartfelt calls for God to impact their schools, youth groups and communities.

We loved seeing the young people take a lead, from prayer breakfast to evening celebrations, they felt they played a crucial role in seeing God share his plans for our city. Prayers ranged from ‘Dream BIG for our city’ to declarations of ‘Salford is a city for You!’ to significant personal acknowledgements of ‘Thank you Lord for Mrs. O’Neill – best teacher eva!’.

We really believe that God will hear the heart-felt prayers of a group of young people who would love to see their God impact the world they live in.

The week ended with a group of the young people engaging in community at the precinct on the Saturday… Talking and praying with 150 people out doing their shopping.

Barry Mason (Chair of Salford YFC)



“For our week of prayer we really felt a pull to pray for people. The Kingdom of God is all about people and as more become awakened to who they are why they are alive, the more we will see our city look like the reality of heaven.

    Each day we focused imagined a particular person and then prayed for all the others who they represent in a similar position or sphere of influence, be that nurses, politicians, pastors, teachers etc. We prayed for those in those areas who know God to be lights in their environments, but also prayed blessing and encouragement over all those who are doing the work of the kingdom (bringing hope, joy, peace, love) without even realising it at times!

      We love our city and doing this week of prayer really helped us to step up into taking more responsibility for seeing it be the city that God has destined it to be.”

Ralph Pedley (Assistant Pastor)


We had a great time as a team praying for Greater Manchester. Our team is spending a month in the city doing a month of Missions work, from a range of mercy ministries to prayer and evangelism.

The week of prayer which we took was the first week of our time in Manchester and really helped our team to get a heart for the city. We did a range of things over our week, from walking around praying over different areas of the city (such as the Town Hall and Cathedral) to getting to spend time praying in the offices of a charity in Manchester which is involved in Anti-trafficing work.

As an organisation we love to spend time with God listening to him and getting to pray with him about all sorts of things, and it was such a privilege to be able to spend time doing this for the City of Manchester.

Philip Summerton (YWAM team leader)

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