imageMount Chapel Christian Fellowship is thrilled to partner with Pray. Love. Manchester. and the Larger Body of Christ in this region to be a part of The Year of Prayer 2014 and it is our privilege to host the 26th Week Of Prayer!

Isn’t it amazing that right now at this very moment Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Father praying?! In the place of prayer, we get to be with Him where He is and express our love and worship to Him, and at the same time, receive His love personally and His heart for others. Whether personal or corporate, our prayer and worship is powerful and effective and moves His heart. But that’s not all! He then answers and moves in our lives and the lives of those we pray for!

All of our prayer meetings are listed on the schedule below and are open to any and everyone that would like to come. Our week will culminate with a 4-hour time of strategic prayer and worship on Friday Night from 6pm-10pm.

 We invite you to come and join us as we agree with the heart of Jesus in the place of prayer!




Morning Prayer & Worship

Focus: The Church Of Salford

Deborah Arise

Focus: Praying for Prodigals

Manchester House of Prayer

Focus: Devotional/Soak

Manchester House of Prayer

Focus: Justice (Human Trafficking)










Morning Prayer & Worship

Focus: The People & City of Salford





Morning Prayer & Worship

Focus: Children, Youth, and Families





Morning Prayer & Worship

Focus: Students @ The University of Salford





Morning Prayer & Worship

Focus: Devotional/Soak

IHOP-KC Prayer Room Live Stream

Focus: Devotional/Soak

Remember The Poor Night of Prayer @ Nazarene Theological College: Dene Rd., Didsbury, M20 2GU








Morning Service & Prayer

Focus: That His Will Love Abound In Our Hearts






10347239_10152123383171017_4976186059533499268_nSouth Manchester Family Church is excited to host the prayer week for week 25. We signed up early in the year knowing that July would be warm and sunny, that the World Cup would be in full swing and that in all likelihood England would be home! So no excuses for not praying!

We are also opening our prayer times to the church people who live in the South Manchester area, in particular the nightly prayer times 7-9pm at Kingsburn Hall, 814 Burnage Lane, Burnage, M19 1RS. We will be joined by people from Stockport Family Church on Friday evening, but anyone is welcome to join with us any night.

Over the years the hall has hosted half-nights of prayer for the city and we feel that we are just baton holders for the week but also for the generations that have prayed for this area of Greater Manchester. We have been challenged as a church that we are here because of those who have gone before us, and we are here to shine and do our part. Being part of the Prayer baton serves as a fantastic picture of this for a week of 2014.

We are delighted to be part of the prayer for this week.

Steve Taylor (Team leader – SMFC)



The baton this week is being held primarily being held by Bury Church of England High school and during three of the evenings the prayer is being carried on by some of the local church youth groups.

One of drama rooms in school is being turned into a prayer space for the week.  The prayer space will be open from 8:30 until 4 every day.  Religious Studies lessons for all classes will take place in the prayer space and pupils will first of all consider what prayer is, why people pray and evaluate whether it makes a difference.  They will then have time to go around each of the ‘prayer stations’ and reflect/pray on a variety of topics.  The prayer space will be open each lunchtime and after school for 30 minutes to allow pupils/staff to come for themselves and pray without the pressure of it being a lesson.

The prayer space will also be made available to staff when the kids have gone home to have a more private time of prayer and reflection.  In addition to this, three of the local youth groups of which some of our pupils are a part, will be doing evening sessions of prayer as part of their Youth meeting.

(Fay Lucille)





Today is the first day of Cheadle’s week of prayer.  During this week in every daylight hour these 5 churches will be praying and asking God to renew the Cheadle community in Him; for seven days, 18 hours a week in 20 minute blocks every street across Cheadle will be specifically prayed for!   Following this week of prayer these churches will follow the ‘Adopt a Street’ Initiative and continue to pray for the streets of Cheadle – http://www.neighborhoodprayer.net.

The Cheadle week of prayer kicked off last night with a  joint worship service to launch the week and a prayer walk across Cheadle.

Every day this week the prayer is being hosted by different venues -

Monday – St Mary’s, Tuesday – All Hallows’, Wednesday – Trinity, Thursday – St Cuthbert’s, Friday – St Chad’s.

If you would like to find out more and join Cheadle in prayer this week please follow the below link: http://cheadle.org.uk/page.aspx?pid=noticesheet


10414484_750867688306198_4684939658457289167_nWe are so excited to have 7 churches gather together to see through 155 hours of prayer this week.

A bit of background:
The Oasis Centre, in Gorton, East Manchester is a christian run day centre which serves the local community. It has been running for twelve years, and was born out of God speaking to Oasis Director, Victoria Armstrong, about “a building in Gorton, pumping out [His] unconditional love 24/7″ So. The Oasis Centre began by serving, loving, and supporting the local community. But as time went on it became clear that this practical work needed to go hand in hand with prayer; and so the vision was born to one day establish a prayer room here in Gorton. In response to this vision, we began gathering to pray once a month for 24 hours. We have been doing this for 3 years, with a number of local churches joining us; and so when we heard about the year of prayer across Manchester it seemed silly to not get involved!

It’s certainly been a challenge at times – signing up to leave the warmth of your bed at 3am to go and pray is probably not often on people’s list of favourite things to do! But it is so worth it – once you’ve tried it you’ll want to do it again and again! And one of my favourite things about co-ordinating this week of prayer has been seeing unity and good relationships grow across the local churches. It is a real privilege to be involved in that.

So, what do we have in store?

Well, we began on Sunday at 4pm, with a super fun Kids’ Hour. I really recommend doing this, it was such a treat. On Sunday evening we had an hour of prayer for the persecuted church. Then round the clock prayer until midnight on Saturday, punctuated by three praise evenings, on Thursday, Friday, and our closing celebration on Saturday night.


Thank you so much to the following churches for jumping on board:

Trinity Baptist Church (and for giving the prayer room a home for the week!)
Christ Church Manchester
Gorton Evangelical Church
Openshaw Community Church
St Clements Church
Arise and Shine
Hope Community Church

Bring it on!

Becci Higg



The prayer baton was passed from St Paul’s, Kersal Moor, Salford to St Peter’s Halliwell, Bolton during their lively evening service on Sun 8 June. Which included worship led by St Peter’s youth band and a packed church with members from all four of the fellowships which make up St Peter’s parish.

Eileen Booth from St Paul’s shared how they had a brilliant week at St Paul’s and that their youth room had been converted to a prayer room for the week. Many different groups at St Paul’s took up the baton during the week.

Anne Gorton, the coordinator from St Peter’s explained how the church lounge has been set up as a 24-7 prayer boiler room and that individuals and groups from across the parish have booked sessions throughout the week. In addition there is a prayer guide booklet with prayer themes for each day of the week. The climax of the week will be an Evening of Worship at St Peter’s on Sat 14 June, 7.30pm with guest speaker Chick Yuill and worship by St Peter’s worship bands.

Rev Paul Hardingham preached on the importance of prayer. There was a real sense of expectancy during the service that God was going to speak powerfully during this week.

Pictured: Chris Reid, Eileen Booth, Anthea Darlington and Andy Smith from St Paul’s hand over the baton to Rev Paul Hardingham and Anne Gorton from St Peter’s parish.

Below is a picture of the balloon prayer release over Bolton:



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